Embroidered Rain Cloak

After last year’s very rainy Epic Empires everyone is doing new Cloaks, coat and capes.

This is mine, still a WIP and one of my larger embroidery project.


I will be adding a thin water-proof membrane between the layers of wool, and the whole cloak will be relatively stiff, with large barely visible embroidery in the front and in the back.

Elrian – Ready for battle


Armour Surcoat


Tirithion Crest


Since Elrian now has a new Surname I started to add the crest of house Tirithion to her costume.
And to everything else.

This is also the first time I used this really old silver yarn. It looks great, but gets torn all the time.

Elven Betrothal: Elassar and Indhoriel

I made this for a letter I wanted to send.  It started out as a watercolour painting, but when I was half way finished I looked at the faces and thought It does not look like the people I am trying to portray at all. So I scanned it, edited it in photoshop with help of Photographs taken by Daniel Schmitt. Then I printed it again, edited some smaller details and sent it away to be done with it.

Somehow I now dug it up again and finished it in Photoshop.

Indoriel Elassar

Elbische Schlachten-szene WIP

Das sich ohne vorherige planung aus ein bisschen Gekrakel etwas ergibt ist bei mir selten, umso mehr weil in diesem Falle gleich 13 Personen im Bild sind.

Irgendwann während des skizzierens wurden aus den Elbenkriegern die Tirithion-Krieger, die gegen Alethatar-Verräter kämpfen. Und damit ich selbst nicht den Überblick verliere habe ich sie farbig markiert.

Stock vor allem: Tursiart, Angelasasser-stock und Linzstock.