The Stormlight Archive – Dalinar and Navani


If it be your will
That I speak no more
And my voice be still
As it was before
I will speak no more
I shall abide until
I am spoken for
If it be your will

Dalinar and Navani Kholin, from the Stormlight Archive. I have yet to find a song that fits them better than Leonard Cohen’s If it be you will.

Ink and Watercolour

No Shepard without Vakarian



With Mass Effect Andromeda coming out this month, I think back to the triology ands its charakters. I’m going to miss Shepard and her crew.

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows


Masquerada: Songs and Shadows released two weeks ago, and it’s an amazing storytelling experience! The game is not flawless, but I enjoyed it from the first to the last moment, especially the detailed world building and the diverse cast with their convincing voice-acting. And it inspired me to paint. It also makes me want to cosplay, which puts one more costume on my want-to-make list.

The painting is in gouache on Chinese paper, which is quite different from my usual watercolour workflow.

The Second Dream



I am awake. Remembering everything.

I was in doubt. But no more.

I am the child-queen of war. I am the hero you are afraid of. Your last hope. Your doom. I am both tainted and pure. There can be beauty in cruelty.

Only one doubt remains:

Am I capable of feeling love?



First Sketchbook finished

I finished my first sketchbook about a week ago. And since I take photos of what I scribble most times, I decided to pick the nicest of them an put them in a scribble Gallery.

... in adult Sherlock's Clothes
Little Sherlock – in adult Sherlock’s Clothes

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Elven Betrothal: Elassar and Indhoriel

I made this for a letter I wanted to send.  It started out as a watercolour painting, but when I was half way finished I looked at the faces and thought It does not look like the people I am trying to portray at all. So I scanned it, edited it in photoshop with help of Photographs taken by Daniel Schmitt. Then I printed it again, edited some smaller details and sent it away to be done with it.

Somehow I now dug it up again and finished it in Photoshop.

Indoriel Elassar

EE: When we fail

Last Year after the Epic Empires I drew If we fail, inspired by a ision our characters had. This year there was no Plot-event that awesome, but instead a

a very particular scene made me grab tablet and pen – since in those moments photographers tend to be somewhere else.  But this gives me an excuse to paint.

Fanart, of sorts.

EE Indhoriel Elrian

I used Stock images of Tasastock, Null-entity and SenshiStock as pose references.

In short: During the night-time siege of the orc mine my character Elrian tried to heal another warrior, Indhoriel. And despite not being a good healer at all she barely succeeded in keeping her alive. But only minutes after this, Chaos Warriors joined the battle and attacked from behind, cutting Elrian down and leaving her to bleed to death together with the one she had tried to safe.

They both were able to come back to live at a sanctuary located in the elven camp. but not without undergoing horrors, in Elrian’s case sinking into the dephts of the sea an being dragged even deeper by cold, black fingers.

Waking in the Sanctuary, the first thing Elrian saw was Indhoriel lying next to her and she knew that this meant she had ultimately failed in healing her. Something similar already had happened one day earlier and so she was devastated with guilt. Indhoriel, while regaining consciousness tried to explain to her that while she had failed in end, what really mattered was that she had at least tried. It still took some time (and the help of another elf, Irien) until Elrian calmed down.

It was the most touching moment for me on the whole con. It was also the first time I realy cried in roleplay. Thank you so much!